Every LudoCherry fabric is an original design, lovingly created to celebrate tabletop gaming. We’ve partnered with a range of talented artists to bring our concepts to life. The result is clothing that winks at gamers while still being beautiful pieces that can be worn anywhere, not just at a convention or your local game store.

Whether you’re dressing for a day at the office, a game night, or a dinner party, your LudoCherry will be the perfect fit for the occasion.

Ludocherry edit-53.jpg

LudoCherry Signature

This signature design is inspired by our namesake, the classic vintage motif of stemmed cherries. It turns out dice really can grow on trees!

With its elegant design and muted colour scheme, the LudoCherry Signature is a timeless look for any occasion.

Textile design by Brian McGinnis

Polka Dice

The pop of orange gives a fresh, modern look to this polka dot design. With this many dice, surely at least one of them will roll a 20…

Textile design by Veronika Demenko

Ludocherry edit-83.jpg

Ludocherry edit-25.jpg

Meeple Garden

This stunning floral pattern features meeples and blooming flowers, in a soft watercolour style.

Meeple Garden is our brightest design, and is perfect for people who love to play with colour and make a statement.

Textile design by Rachel Kremer

Meeples On Stripe

Simple, bold, and striking.

Rows of meeples flow and fall in this versatile design. Make your outfit playful with a pop of colour, or keep it monotone for a more formal look.

Textile design by Annelie Hervi

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Ludocherry edit-40.jpg


Victory was originally inspired by the intricate details in paisley patterns and porcelain. Each of the elements in the design pays homage to Eurogames, and the components that complete them.

Look closely and see what you can spot!

Textile design by Veronika Demenko